Businessmen of Papua Origin should Increase Competition

KOTA JAYAPURA - Businessmen of Papua origin have been asked to increase their competition with other businessmen who work on government projects in the province, Papua Young Businessmen Association (Hipmas) Chairman Yance Udam said here on Tuesday.

He noted that to increase their competitiveness in a healthy manner, the businessmen of Papua origin should not repress the regional leaders and force their way into winning the tender of government projects.

"Let alone expressing their disappointment through anarchic demonstration," Udam said, adding that the most dignified way was that they should upgrade their managerial skills and business skills while working on existing projects with full responsibility.

"If they claim to be the the young businessmen of Papua origin, they must be more responsible for working on the projects entrusted to them," he went on.

Udan then asked the regional government to control unregistered business organizations, and to give the opportunity to the registered ones to play their role in the government projects. [Antara]
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