Papua New Guinea Catholic Church Opposed The Imposition of Death Penalty

PORT MORESBY - The Catholic Church is opposed to the imposition of death penalty through various measures approved into law by the Papua New Guinea Parliament.

President of the Catholic Bishops Conference, Archbishop John Ribat told a media conference the Church is firm on its decision that death penalty is not the solution to end all serious law and order problems.

Archbishop Ribat said in countries where death penalty has been implemented, serious crime rates remain the same.

He said the Church supports government's efforts to put in place laws to control and reduce crime rates in the country, however, it is against government's move as sanctioned by Parliament:

"The Catholic Church is really against the death penalty. That is the stand of the church. And while we are against death penalty, it has become a law now. Now as it is like we have to comply, we have to go with it. But our disagreement about this is still the same."

Archbishop John Ribat said government must now carry out awareness on the new laws passed this week by reaching out to rural areas so that everyone understands what the death penalty law means to their lives, and how will it be executed.[NBCPNG]
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