Foreign Tourists Interested in Nautical Tourism in Sarwakar Village

SARWAKAR (BIAK NUMFOR) - A number of foreign tourists have showed their interest in surfing at the nautical tourism of Sarwakar village, Supiori Regency, Papua Province, according to Vice Chairman of the Biak Tourist Guide Association (HPI) Rudolf Boy Ronsumbre.

The foreigners praised Sarwakar for its beautiful ocean that has the best view compared to other areas in Indonesia, Ronsumbre said here on Monday.

"The potential of sea panorama in Sarwarkar village should be maintained to lure tourists to enjoy the nautical tourism," he said.

Ronsumbre said foreigners who often visited nautical tourism in Sarwakar were from Australia, the United States and Europe countries.

Members of the Biak HPI have planned to improve the knowledge and skills of the local community in an effort to give proper services to tourists.

"Marine tourism in Sarwarkar has the potential to become a surfing paradise for foreigners," he added.

He also hoped nautical tourism in Sarwakar could bring some benefits for local and surrounding communities.

"Local communities can earn additional income to meet their necessities," he said. [Antara| Tripadvisor]
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