Matoa, A Typical Fruit From Papua

KOTA JAYAPURA - Have you ever heard the word of “MATOA”? . Maybe some of you are already familiar with this word. This word usually used as street names. However, do you know it for sure : what it Matoa ? What’s its looks like ?  or what. Or maybe you do not know at all ?. Hmm,,,well, maybe you need to get travelling around Papua, it needed to be able to know the original fruit of your own country.

Matoa or in latin, Pometia pinnata is a typical fruit from western Papua, relatively large trees with an average height of 18 meters with an average maximum diameter of 100 cm. Generally, fruits once in a year. Besides that, Matoa also present in some areas of Sulawesi, Maluku, and Papua New Guinea.

Matoa is an original tropical fruit of Indonesia. Hard skin looks like from outside, but inside there are betel nut wrapped in flesh is sweet and resembles rambutans or longan. It sweet taste. Usually skin will continue to look hard and black or brown if it is in a good condition and ready to eat.

This fruit contains vitamin C and vitamin E, making it useful as an anti-oxidant that can ward off radiation-free and increase endurance. It also can relieve stress, be extra nutrients to the skin, as well as minimization of cancer and coronary heart disease. It is new for me to try Matoa for the first time. I never imagined that Matoa like this. Hard skin outside but soft and sweet inside. Good combination.

Are you excited to try Matoa ? There is nothing wrong if you are on travelling to Western Papua, then taste this fruit. Have a great travelling and create your own journey. [PalingIndonesia | Deptan]
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